Get Classy with Leather Watch Straps

There’s just something regal and stylish about timepieces with leather straps. Not to mention, flexible. You could either wear it dressed down, or wear it to a formal event and it would not look out of place. If you are the type of person who considers watches as an investment, you obviously have spent time researching on timepieces that are absolutely worth of your money.

You might already have a watch with stainless steel strap, nylon strap, silicone, titanium and even a wooden watch band. Of course, you also already have a few with leather watch straps since it is a classic. But since there are numerous types of leather watch straps available, it is better that you know them to better suit your lifestyle.

Stitched leather watch straps

Leather watch straps are not only stitched (and glued together for that matter) to create double or lined thick straps. The stitches also contribute to the watch’s appearance, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Most genuine leather watch straps are with stitched either by hand or by machine.

How the straps were stitched also affect the durability of the leather straps. Some manufacturers even effectively make their products stand out by distinguishing and stitching their stitches differently, as a trademark. Other exotic leather watch bands even have “hardware” added on, such as clasps, rivets, and keepers to enhance the strap and complement the watch.

Racing pattern leather watch straps

Watch strap designs with racing pattern are popular with those who lead an active lifestyle and have taken a particular interest and enthusiasm to automotive and sports. The inspiration for this design peaked in the 1960s and 1970s due to the popularity of car racing, but since the appearance is well received, it is still popular even in the current times even by those who are not into racing.

Racing pattern leather watch straps, also called as rally straps look especially good on large watches. They are preferable over solid straps which could be sweltering to use especially during hot weather. With this benefit, it is still not recommended though on ladies’ timepieces or other smaller watches since it could be overwhelmed by the strap.

Bund straps

Another type of leather strap is the bund strap which could either be single or two-piece straps secured by tabs or rivets. The style started in the 1950s but similar to racing pattern gain mainstream popularity in the 1960’s. One of the benefits of using the bund strap is how it is water absorbent.

Even if the watch is not water resistant, the strap would protect the watch from the moisture from being damaged. With its style, the strap is also designed to keep the wearer’s wrist from getting cold.

When choosing the leather strap to purchase, choose a strap that is soft, comfortable to wear, flexible and durable. Leather straps might give off a rugged aesthetic but you will find an adaptable one that could still be worn on all occasions. Bear in mind though that leather straps are not waterproof so you have to be careful when wearing them.

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