Choosing the Most Appropriate Entryway Rugs

Your entryway rug is a reflection of your personality and it is one of the first things that your guests and visitors will see even before entering your home. The entryway rug you choose should make a good first impression and should reveal the style and overall aesthetic of your home.

Shopping for an entryway rug is quite easy and a lot of fun because the rugs come in various sizes, shapes and designs that you would not have a hard time finding one that not only suits your requirements but also your style

Decide on the material

Entryway rugs will receive heavy foot traffic so you have to make sure that the material you choose is heavy duty and durable. The rugs would serve as the catchall for all the dirt and grime from your shoes and your guests’ footwear so choose rugs that have “scraper surfaces” that are created to brush the mud off the soles. Since they are easily dirtied, they should also be easy to clean.

Your entryway rug will also be exposed to the elements and there is no sure-fire way for to prevent it from getting wet. Choose a material that would also soak in moisture because if the entryway rug is always wet, the possibility of mould, mildew and bacteria growth is very likely. A material that is also stain resistant is advisable to keep the vibrant colour and design of the rug, without tarnishes and smudges even after being stepped on constantly.

Look at the size and shape

Not all entryways are the same. If you have nice floors, choose a rug that is appropriately sized to only catch the dirt from people’s shoes before entering your home and you could still proudly show off your floor. If your entryway is long, a runner would be perfect especially if your floor is already worn off and it would look better with a rug. There are other oddly shaped rugs available too, if you want to be quirky and unique. There are star and heart shaped and circular rugs available for a more unconventional look.

Favour a more affordably priced rug

No matter how much you take care of your entrance rugs mats, it will eventually show wear and tear which is normal. There’s no avoiding replacing the rugs so it will be better for you to purchase a more affordably priced rug since you would be replacing it in no time.

Pick a non-skid rug

This is of course, the number one consideration you should think about when you purchase an entryway rug because you would not want you or any of your guests to slip on the rug especially during rainy days. If you could not find a rug that is non-skid, you could purchase anti-slip underlay to slide under the rug.

Even if the rug is outside your home and is expected to be dirty, keep it clean as much as possible because if it is dirty, the rug will not be able to trap the dirt anymore. You could give the rug a thorough shake, vacuum, or hose it down and then air dry.

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