5 men’s forever wardrobe essentials

There’s a saying that every woman loves a sharply dressed man. This probably has been there forever but someone suddenly realized it and decided to put in in a sentence. Sometimes you don’t have to be a woman to be impressed by sharply dressed. Amongst all these fashion solutions there are things have been fashionable for a long time, and will be too. Ensuring that your wardrobe has these items is extremely vital.

Here are 5 wardrobe essentials that help you to do it.

  1. The black leather jacket

You know it when you hear it; it doesn’t matter where you go, unless it’s a super official party, the black leather jacket is all it takes to mesmerize a crowd and tell them that the ‘badass’ is in the house now. The specialty of the black leather jacket is that they are durable, makes you feel comfortable, works with everything except with dress trouser and most importantly, it works with any sort of a t shirt worn underneath. But what works the best? That is your second essential.

  1. Plain white T

The plain white tee is the bomb in the house when worn with the black leather jacket. But you need to be careful with a few factors here. You need to make sure that the material isn’t too soft since that tends to be worn out quickly. In addition, remember that crew neck ones makes your chest looks bigger. Ensuring that they’re not too long from the bottom is vital too.

  1. Navy blue suit

There is nothing as sleek and elegant as having a navy blue suit on that fits you perfectly in a function. The reason why most of the politicians wear is since it exhibits diplomacy and trustworthiness, ironically. But in terms of fashion, it has been there forever. That’s why investing in a tailored suit will never be a waste.

  1. At least 3 pairs of shoes

Wearing that same old shoe for each and every occasion sabotages your oozing handsomeness. Given that shoes aren’t so expensive, would it kill to invest in a few pair of shoes? You are going to need 3 major types of shoes. The first one is to wear casually; next one is for work and the third for functions. A nice pair of converse, two types of oxfords would do just fine.

  1. Dark wash denim

What is the point of a male’s wardrobe if there is no dark wash denim? The denim works with pretty much anything and can be worn for many occasions. That’s why they must go in there.

You can always buy all the tees, shirts, shoes that you like… but owning these seals your good looks in a whole new level. That’s the power of everlasting fashion.

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