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2012 MLB Social Media Scorecard

Submitted by on April 3, 2012 – 8:00 am

2012 social media baseball scorecard
The 2012 baseball season is quickly approaching, and Opening Day is right around the corner. Fans everywhere are abuzz across the social web. With preseason trades and roster selections there is plenty of chatter, yet some organizations are better engaged than others.

Off the bat, a sample of Facebook fans and Twitter followers established an intuitive fact that the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the two most popular teams in baseball. Combined, they have won over 1/3 of World Series titles so it’s no surprise their reign influences the social media world. With a whopping 5.8MM Facebook fans for the Yankees, and 3.7MM Red Sox fans, they eclipse their nearest competitor, the Phillies by over 1.8MM.

MLB social media index baseball 2012

For the same reason, the AL East is on the verge of 10 Million combined Facebook fans, significantly higher than any other Division as seen below.

MLB social media division fans

National American
Central 4578167 3313854
East 3169348 9935921
West 3344075 2421682

** As of April 2012

World Series rings and trophies, however, do not correlate to social media engagement. For the 30 days leading up to the first pitch on April 4, using Facebook Graph API, I sampled the Fan Count per team as well as the ‘Talking About’ metric to measure each of the 30 teams’ social engagement rate. This presented insight into how some teams garner major league social media influence with their fan base. The social engagement index was calculated by measuring the 30-day trending average of fans per discussions, and thus the social media scorecard was compiled.

baseball social engagment teams facebook

The National League accounts for 7 of the top 10 most socially engaged teams.  The Giants, Angels, and Dodgers, respectively are the top 3 most engaged teams in the 2012 pre-season, all three are also California based teams where social activity is higher than the national average. Three popular teams did not make the cut for social engagement, most surprising, the Red Sox fell to the bottom of the index. Unable to leverage their popularity, they average approximately 25% of the engagement rate of the #1 San Francisco Giants. This could be a result of fair weather fans, or their social fan base less engaged due to postseason woes in recent years.

The Detroit Tigers, the 10th most popular team by volume, had a positive shift to the 5th most socially engaged, and are most likely to be the next baseball team to reach the 1 Million fan mark this season. And while on the topic of standout stats, not charted, the Phillies have the highest Twitter following, surpassing the Yankees by over 100K.

The first official game of the 2012 season is technically Opening Night on April 4th, as the Cardinals take on the Miami Marlins with the opening of Florida’s new ballpark. This will be followed by six openers the next day April 5th. Marlins fans have a welcoming statistic on their side, as 5 of the last 6 ballpark christenings have been won by the home team.

Many exciting plays are sure to happen this year, so keep following your favorite team and I’ll keep an API on the scorecard!

The raw social scorecard data sorted by fans:

Team Fans Trending Twitter 90 Day Mentions (K) Engagement
New York Yankees 5313100 114702 547815 26 2.16
Boston Red Sox 3477832 41692 218011 23 1.20
Chicago Cubs 1569319 38258 100426 10 2.44
San Francisco Giants 1357546 61480 233495 24 4.53
St. Louis Cardinals 1216874 33271 117336 8.1 2.73
Texas Rangers 1206854 38505 123287 11 3.19
Philadelphia Phillies 1168950 23129 677993 9.2 1.98
Atlanta Braves 1081715 27453 138462 17 2.54
Detroit Tigers 948753 29882 55519 6.7 3.15
Los Angeles Dodgers 945410 37214 96486 13 3.94
Chicago White Sox 847304 12664 49896 4.4 1.49
Minnesota Twins 738314 11131 67131 11 1.51
Milwaukee Brewers 561046 8930 63028 4.6 1.59
New York Mets 543650 7616 74587 26 1.40
Cincinnati Reds 517665 10647 73627 7.4 2.06
Cleveland Indians 500910 9984 45528 8.4 1.99
Seattle Mariners 472243 6678 42804 7.3 1.41
Colorado Rockies 443089 7117 33331 4.6 1.61
Los Angeles Angels 439116 17523 43256 5.6 3.99
Tampa Bay Rays 403115 8368 48988 2.9 2.08
Houston Astros 402184 7621 26697 3.8 1.89
Toronto Blue Jays 399068 8719 94282 22 2.18
San Diego Padres 363771 4527 31856 3 1.24
Baltimore Orioles 342806 5603 36215 3.8 1.63
Pittsburgh Pirates 311079 7889 35274 8 2.54
Oakland Athletics 303469 4023 37583 9.9 1.33
Kansas City Royals 278573 4300 44416 6 1.54
Miami Marlins 238565 5264 30788 8.4 2.21
Arizona Diamondbacks 234259 6195 32069 7.8 2.64
Washington Nationals 136468 2249 29016 4 1.65

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  • Jacqueline Guthrie

    Not surprising to see those Yankees at the top! Not a fan myself, but they do have some good players! I think people mostly like to follow a winning team is my guess as most people seem to not make or form their own opinion when it comes to sports. 

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    And when you look at the socially engaging ones, it’s the less known teams that are getting their fans to participate on their pages. Oh, and Yankees suck.